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We keep our promise


how it started

The Bag was born in 2015 with only $20 to invest in my own business but with millions of desires to work in something that would allow me to develop as a person while continuing to be a mother and wife. In the family we have always made homemade skin care products and this is how the idea of taking something you like to do for yourself, to start doing it for others as well.

The brand arose from the idea of packing the exfoliators (the main product of The bag) in small bags. The logo? On a computer with a homemade program working on some simple and fun designs. We started with everything in black and white because that way they could be printed at home. The first labels were printed on shipping labels  and the first packages were ordered by AMAZON, a package of 100 bags that cost approximately $10.00... A Facebook and Instagram page was created and the sales began, by DM or Text. Online store??? Please! That was very expensive!

Today, The bag has many little angels who have committed to the brand to take it to another level. And so we will, but without leaving behind our commitment to offer natural and quality products at affordable prices for healthy, clean, moisturized and happy skin.


Why do we want to share all this with you? So that you are sure that the dreams can become true. So that you understand that there is no excuse for you not to start your project. It takes time but it's worth it. You fall, you get up and continue, PERSIST! But above all things, remember to ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep God as the CEO of your company, make him the HEAD COACH and obey him. Things his way always work out.

Isaiah 40,31: "But those who trust in the Lord will always have new strength."

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The fresher the product is, the more effective it is. We work our products daily according to the orders received to guarantee freshness in each one of them.

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